How is different?
Our approval matrix is based on "potential of loan performance" as a measure of approval. Numerous lenders are loosing millions of dollars on potentially good paying loans as a result of today's standards for credit approval. focuses on tailoring a car loan that will work for you no matter what it takes from our team!

My credit is in need of disaster recovery! Can help?
Yes! As a matter of fact, we would strongly urge you to use our service as a first step towards securing a loan for your next vehicle. We consistently find that customers using our service are able to secure great auto loans at great rates on a vehicle that meets their needs when other attempts have failed.

Our motto is : "If we can't get an application approved using the system, it's simply can't be done."

Is there any cost to apply?
No, Never!
Are there any other fees with
Not at all.
What are the interest rates for my car loan?
Your interest rate is influenced by several factors. Many of these factors include the amount of your loan and the term of your loan. Your credit approval specialist will work with you to find the right loan at the right rate on the vehicle that you want.
How long does the process take?
While the process from start to finish can vary, most customers are able to take delivery of a vehicle the same day. One of our key objectives is to provide a quality experience though what we call "Speed Of Service"!
Who should I contact once my loan is in process?
Chances are you'll be contacted by one of our staff members long before you will feel the need to contact us. In the unlikely event you are not contacted immediately, you may contact us using the "contact us" form located on our website. Simply include your first and last name, date that you submitted your application along with your phone number and we will call you most likely within 30 minutes.
Who do I contact for general information and questions on using
Your personal representative will give you a direct phone number along with their e-mail address. You are welcome to contact your personal representative anytime you have a question or a need, 24 hours a day, no questions asked!
What should I expect after I submit my loan application?
To be approved! After that you will arrange to select a vehicle and take delivery. It's actually quite surprising how simple the process is.
What is the maximum length of time my loan can be for?
84 Months
Can I change my application after I've submitted it?
Yes! You may change your application at anytime prior to it being submitted for final funding. You may have forgotten to include pertinent information or your credit situation may have changed between the time you were approved and the time you actually took delivery of your vehicle. As a result you may very well be qualified for a better interest rate. Your personal representative will guide you through this process from start to finish.
In which states is auto financing available?
Normally aggressive lenders are available for all states.